Dear Mr. President,
It saddens me deeply to write this letter

Dear Mr. President,

It saddens me deeply to have to write this letter to you.

When you ran for the office of president of the United States, you had me at hello and now you are losing me as you take care of big money, big banks and Wall street bailouts, with no oversight.  All this can be seen as pandering to the ruling class (big bonuses, wasteful spending and an arrogance by the very rich)…  We the middle class soon to be the poverty class have been left behind.  We are in an emergency situation fighting for our survival…  We don’t have the luxury of patients… We need help yesterday and have been ignored while the rich go on with their lives saying that things will end as we know it if we don’t bend over once again.

I am so close to being done with you and your administration; I can taste the food you are feeding us, your hopeful Americans citizens as this food stinks worse and worse as it goes bad, you talk a good game but your execution has been awful.  You have forgotten us, we the people who put you into office!  This is a critical error in judgment… You need to get rid of the crooks Bernanke & Geithner they are giving you disastrous advice.  If you don’t do that, as well as get our stolen money back, i am done with you and your administration.  You might as well stick a fork into me cause i am done.

If you don’t clean house we will in the next election.  I hope every day that you will see the light and do what we hired you to do and make things right for us… WE THE PEOPLE!

IMHO, You need to ask yourself the important question; Would all that I am doing and not doing as President of the United States, make my mother and grandmother proud or would they give me sh*t for not living up the task at hand.  Are you a man or a mouse?  DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOUR PEOPLE NOT BIG BUSINESS!

in Love Light and Peace,
Om Mani Padme Hum,

Arthur Klein
Yoga Activist & filmmaker Y Yoga Movie
also posted on pursuit of Happiness YOGA blog

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