Dear Mr. President Obama, Geithner must go NOW!

Dear Mr. President

If you want to save your credibility and perhaps your agenda  as a  “change we can believe in president”, Geithner must go.  He Represents all that is wrong with the Fed, Banking, Big Business & Wall Street and their embezzlement of the American people; your people.


Think of the memory of your mom and grandma and use them as a lens and filter for all that you must do now.  How would they feel about this and your health care choices.  If they would be OK with what your doing so would I.  You need to wake up before it is to late.

Thank you for listening…

in Love Light and Peace,

Arthur Klein
Yogi Activist & filmmaker Y Yoga Movie

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Check out this article today at the Huffington Post

Geithner Asked To Resign; ‘Mr. Secretary, The Public Has Lost All Confidence In Your Ability To Do Your Job’ (VIDEO)

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