Downdog for K9s… winter yoga & spa for our 4 legged friends website screen grab

I was surfing the net this morning (boy does that phrase feel dated) and i found this article from the .   I know today during my yoga practice I will have these lucky dogs in my minds eye.  I am reprinting or actually linking to the original article… Click on the picture above and Check out this great article and then please comment here…

Gotta love lovers of animals especially our dogs, for their relentless love, enthusiasm and support…So big Prana Yam (not sure of spelling) and Thank you to Splash and Dash K9 Sports, 1900 Sheena Dr., Plum, 412-795-4721, The Dog Stop, 1140 Washington Blvd. Homewood, 412-361-0911, for setting this awesome, beautiful and hysterically funny intention into manifestation.

Please post other unusual yogi and yogini stories human, animal, alien, etc. to this blog.  I love this stuff…  Check this out my friends at Black Dog Yoga, how about some yoga dog classes?

here are some additional resources i found:

A. Klein
Yoga Activist &
filmmaker Y Yoga movie

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