Earthquake Mission Trip to Haiti: Day 1

I was so touched by this message sent to me at fb that I had to share it with you…there is light in the darkness

Sheila Marie Young January 16 at 7:43am Reply
Today has been truly a blessed day.

Sheila arrived safely today in the Dominican Republic and met up with a friend at a hotel in Santo Domingo and is doing well (blessing #1).

As soon as she arrived, she got to work, volunteering for the Centro Bono and preparing supplies to be taken to Haiti.

We also discovered today that there is a huge need for food and medical care in Jimani, a small border town in the Dominican Republic through which runs one of the primary routes between the DR and Haiti. Earthquake victims are arriving there by the truckload (literally) and hospitals there are overwhelmed.

Come to find out, one of my Dad’s friends, Dr. Marc Pinard, runs a clinic, hospital and orphanage, right there in Jimani and is in desperate need of help!! This sounded like a great opportunity to provide medical care to many people in need (blessing #2). With that said, our plans were made. Sheila would buy the needed supplies and head out to Jimani the next morning.

So next came the need for transportation. That’s when I recalled that my brother, Marlon, was actually running a business providing transportation services between the DR and Haiti. A few texts, chats and phone calls later, we had a truck and driver lined for the trip!!! (blessing #3)

Then, this evening, as Sheila was walking through the hotel lobby, she met a random group of people wearing medical scrubs. Sheila approached them and struck up a conversation with them… Come to find out, these people were heading to Jimani as well… and… they were heading straight to Dr. Pinard’s hospital to provide medical care and supplies!!!! In fact, some of the folks Sheila met were actually Dr. Pinard’s partners and had helped found and build the hospital!!!!!! And this gets even better… the group invited Sheila to go with them to Jimani (who can resist her charm?:)) and will use my brother’s truck to FILL IT UP with food and medical supplies… and this ain’t no small truck here… (this must count for at least 2 to 3 blessings).

So, there we have it. By God’s grace, our plans have been set in an extraordinary way… we could not have planned it any better ourselves! Sheila will be going with the group tomorrow to fill-up the truck with food and head out to Jimani!

Thank you all for the continued support and donations and please keep praying for us and for Haiti.

Mitchell & Sheila.

PS: Here are some links with information about the hospital in Jimani and Dr. Pinard.

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