Michael Moore @ #OccupyWallStreet (Day 18, 10/4/11)

CNN: “Will you go on Erin’s [Erin Burnett] show and tell her that?”

Michael Moore: “I just said it in front of your camera.”

CNN: “She wants you to go on live tomorrow night with her.”

Michael Moore: “No. I think she should come down here and talk to the people here. I am not the voice of this thing. I am a citizen and a participant in this. I am an equal with everyone here and she should come down here and talk individually to different people and hear their stories — hear their stories about what it’s like to live with no health insurance. She has health insurance. She has a secure job. She’s not facing foreclosure. It’s very easy for her to sit there in Columbus Circle and come after innocent people who are struggling to survive. So she should come down here … and spend some time and meet with people and talk to them. But I’m not the spokesperson for this movement. There are millions of spokespeople for this movement. They live in every neighborhood in America. … And I am just one voice at this meeting and I’m proud to be one voice.”

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