NYPD EPIC FAIL at intimidating journalists from WeAreChange

The #occupywallstreet Coparazzi team (Luke Rudkowski, Robbie, and Tim aka “mustache”) were on their late night patrol the other night when they made a startling discovery: police officers harassing Occupy Wall Street guests at 4AM. What happened next even surprised these veteran film makers.

IMHO We are having a very different experience here @ #OccupyLosAnglese

Police at City Hall were awesome tonight! Definitely there to serve and protect us too…

I know that they know in their hearts its “THEIR PENSIONS TOO”!

We are One Love, One Tribe with the Good Sense to #OCCUPY

Om Mani Padme Hum,
Arthur from the tribe @#OccupyLosAngeles

PS Good Luck, Safety and Peace to all of my #OccupyTribes wherever you #OccupyEARTH. Welcome #OccupyKorea

If you want to feel inspired make it down to an #Occupy. When I am @ #Occupy I am filled with possibility, hope and inspiration! The perfect prescription to these Challenging times.

Come out meet your neighbors and celebrate that you are somebody and that you matter. This is history unfolding SOMETHING IS DEFINITELY HAPPENING AND WE ARE GOING TO NEED A BIGGER BOAT!

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