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How To Boil A Human – Moment of Clarity – Lee Camp – MOC #233

Bradley Manning’s Full Statement

Healthcare For All – A Matter of National Security


Republicans and the Tea Party are terrorists in their obstruction to healthcare for all.

It is patriotic and in the interest of the entire country to have single payer all inclusive healthcare. If the wealthy don’t see the value of a healthy well cared for society, they will surely bring us to extinction since virus & disease know no financial borders. Currently there are outbreak of Tuberculosis in Florida. What is undeniably ahead are Super Strong diseases which will fester and manifest in an unhealthy society. This is the moment in time to take the lemons of the Republican Tea Party and make some great Lemon Aid.

These Republican want the good and patriotic Americans who have fought for all we have to just die quickly. This is an attempt and a cleansing of our rainbow world of beautiful spirits. Now is the time to bring heaven to earth; and we are the sweet spirits to do so. So instead of despair we need to cash in our American sweet sweat equity and demand our birthright and the tenants of the social contract guaranteed by our founders. Time to rise up and take our country and the world with our international brothers and sister back. WE ARE THE PEOPLE and the leaders better not forget that. Time for the promise of Utopia not Dystopia.

The leaders that want the ill the disenfranchised the weakest of us to die are TERRORISTS and need to be diss-empowered for our country and the world to survive.

Chris Hedges Sits Down With Bill Moyers

In one of the most pointed, sweeping and personal public conversations about Chris Hedges’ life and work yet, Bill Moyers speaks with the journalist after the release of “Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt,” the book Hedges co-authored with fellow reporter and artist Joe Sacco.

The 50-minute conversation is followed by a segment on Sacco, who talks about the thinking and experiences that moved him to become a “comics journalist.”

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Gandhi full movie (1982)

Occupiers Occupy Cali. College ~ Invited Back To Occupy Again

Rap, Yoga & Occupy – Occupiers Occupy Cali. College
Invited Back To Occupy Again

“Good morning, Colleagues
Yesterday’s class was one of the most stimulating of my many decades of teaching so we are having the same guest speaker, Arthur Klein, again tomorrow in my Film 9 course (Filmmakers of Social Protest: Moore and Stone.)

Arthur (54 days) ... for the world to awaken to the idea tht we are all 100% - so we need to take care of each other.

The class was conducted along the lines of a General Assembly after presentation of the protocols used during many of the Occupy Assemblies around the country. Students articulated major concerns that were addressed by myself, Arthur Klein and two other LA Occupiers [Patty Alfonzo & Guido Corleone, who both were arrested during the OLA eviction] one a hip hop artist, whose song at the end held the class in rapt attention.

The rap artist’s closing song inspired one of my students in the class to sing her own 99% song; she told the class she was a music major, wanted to work in the music world and here was her opportunity to show her filmmaker classmates what she could do!

Arthur Klein showed video clips ranging from Occupy LA footage to an “Occupy Love” excerpt from doc in progress (by talented docmaker, Velcrow Ripper) to the “I’m Mad as Hell” sequence from “Network,” to the trailer for his doc, “Y Yoga Movie” followed by a few minutes of a closing yoga exercise, much appreciated.

So returning will be Arthur Klein tomorrow (Thurs., 12/8) 1:30 for an hour and half
and possibly hip hop artist and LA Occupier, Guido Corleone of the Luminaries.

Arthur will explore again the possibility of streaming live his presentation to the class
at; click on “streaming.”

Arthur was also a Fox Studio executive and journalist in a previous incarnation but more recently has been using social media and live streaming to connect others to important ongoing events.

American Flag Patch Quilt #OccupyLosAngeles Day 12

Arthur’s presentation and interaction with the students provided an inspiring learning environment, especially considering the impact of the Occupy Movement.

Thank you,

Sheila Laffey
Adjunct Professor
Film Studies
Santa Monica College