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OccupyFreedom @ California College Invited to Speak Occupy Movement, Citizen Journalism & the 99% STREAMED LIVE!


OccupyFreedom @ California College Invited to Speak Occupy Movement, Citizen Journalism & the 99% STREAMED LIVE!

Occupy Conversation Invited into The Classroom by California College:
Tuesday December 6th from 1:15 to 3:15pm
Citizen Journalist, Yoga / Meditation Activist, and Filmmaker Arthur Klein will be speaking tomorrow by invitation, on a well known California College Campus about his personal experience in the Occupy Movement, as a Citizen Journalist/Streamer, Conscious Film and Media Creator as well as his reflections as a blogger on the blog.

Ustream Channel OccupyFreedom ( Arthur’s Occupy News Channel ) will be covering one of if not the first welcomed conversations about the Peaceful Occupy Movement.

Arthur will facilitate a combination lecture / conversation / town hall experience with a few other Occupiers. He will share his personal reflections as ONE OCCUPIER. Arthur only speaks for himself as an individual occupier, since this is a horizontal leaderless peaceful movement and although Arthur Occupied in Los Angeles, teaching Yoga, Meditation and helping with OLA-Media as just one of many brother & sister volunteers.

His personal inquiry began after 911 when he began practicing Yoga & Meditation instead of going shopping and on vacation as adviced by the leadership. He made an award winning film “Y Yoga Movie” which premiered as a invited cultural event at the Democratic National Convention in 2008… Six months after that he had a sick realization that something was rotten in the Corporatized world. He began blogging at all the anomalies of greed, corruption and evil he was observing… When the Occupy Wall Street Movement began, Arthur for the first time in a long time realized he was not alone anymore.

Tuesday 12/6/2011 1:15-15:00 Arthur will moderate a conversation amongst Film Students and Faculty at a California College and he has gotten permission to stream this unique and perhaps premier event of the Occupy Movements conversation into the classrooms and off of the Pepper Sprayed lawns of last week.

Dateline Tuesday December 6th 1:15-3:15 pm
Streamed Live to the World:

Time 2 Remember Change & FINALLY MAKE “IT” HAPPEN!

(MC Yogi Video 2008)

Given the choices is there really one?

I hope my friend MC Yogi does a 2012 version of Vote for Hope. Until then this Vote for Hope Video is EXCELLENT! I first heard the song and met MC Yogi at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. I was there at the invitation of the Convention to premiere “Y Yoga Movie” August 2008. Seems like a lifetime ago. This past week i have felt glimmers of the Obama I loved and supported…
Maybe change is back on the table… Time for us to REMEMBER CHANGE & MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Please share your thoughts, comments and feelings here regarding your hopes, dreams and inspirations for change we can believe in! Time to begin the conversation and take advantage of a Guttenburg press moment as an “agent of change” (Eisenstein)

Dear Mr. President – Goldman Sachs is Destroying the Planet… Please Do Something About This!

Dear Mr. President,

As you can read the headlines of the NY Times today your buddies at Goldman Sachs have almost destroyed Greece’s economy based on their too big to fail bullshit attitude knowing that they have the White House and you in their pocket…  Unless you do something to distance yourself from them and break up their organization they will destroy you and us…. What could u possibly be thinking, I believed you to be smart and now i am having my doubts…

How sad for all of us that you refuse get rid of that sleazy self serving and self aggrandizing Geithner.  Maybe you should and read Thomas Paine’s Common Sense essay again, it is in the public domain and on Google books …

You are becoming part of the aristocracy believing politicians that are destroying our country and world…  I am deeply hurt that you are allowing your presidency to become a joke.

No longer is this change I a can believe in.

What now, Mr. President?

Still in hope of change I can believe in!

Arthur Klein
Yoga Activist and filmmaker Y Yoga Movie
emailed to White House February 14, 2010

PS Have a happy Valentines Day while our Republic is sinking fast!

Dear Mr. President, standing by Geithner you have got to be kidding; time for him to go!

 Your request is being processed... 		 	  	 		 Tim Geithner Testimony: Treasury Head Slams Congressman, See The Latest Updates (VIDEO)
You have to check this guy out

CSPAN Geithner Testimony today January 27, 2010 (complete CSPAN feed)

Dear Mr. President,

After watching Timothy Geithner testify today, I am appalled & quickly losing my respect & support for you & your administration.  I hate the alternative but you are not doing the people’s bidding & you are not protecting us from the true evil forces that would have us enslaved….

This morning Geithner’s disrespect for our Congress, his hiding behind his office instead of elevating the office by full disclosure of what has actually happened with AIG & Goldman Sachs is disgusting.  The government should represent us ;not just as citizens, but as investors in this debacle & we should be given full disclosure all the way back to the beginning history of these companies, if that is what we require to regain trust as investors & in trust in you & your administration.  (see video from today 2010-01-27 Congress)

After this morning’s testimony the world now sees this smug, lying, SOB who considers himself above it all, by his stance, demeanor & holier-than-thou self serving attitude in the guise of public good, to this display of disrespect, I am personally sickened.  Remember this is the guy who couldn’t even pay his own taxes and he was still confirmed.  What is that about?

The biggest problem today is your credibility.  As long as you stand behind secretary Geithner & Fed chair Bernanke you will be perceived as part of this incredibly corrupt aristocratic & self serving system…  Their actions have given you an out in reference to your responsibility to them… I believe that  this is the universe throwing you a life line to get out of your misjudgments in appointing Geithner & in your support of Bernanke confirmation in the first place.  If both of these despicable individuals wanted to help this country they would resign & make it an easier transition for you, back to the perception of Barack Obama as the President of the People.

IMHO, if you don’t announce the resignation of Geithner & a different nominee for the Fed than Bernanke, you have lost the credibility of the words that express your intention.  In fact at this moment in time, you are running the risk of not even being a good or fair 1 term president.  If you don’t start to live your truth of representing us you will become a joke & I know that you are better than that.  Maybe you should take this afternoon & watch “Jerry McGuire” & “Searching for Bobby Fisher” These films would certainly bring your heart & mind back to the task at hand. In fact I think your family would enjoy both films too.

Wishing you & our country the best of everything,
in Love, Light & Peace,
Om Mani Padme Hum,

Arthur Klein
Yoga Activist & filmmaker Y Yoga Movie

PLEASE NOTE:  Sent to President Obama today at the White House

I am hopefully you will chime in here with a comment and message the President at the White House

Dear Mr. President,
It saddens me deeply to write this letter

Dear Mr. President,

It saddens me deeply to have to write this letter to you.

When you ran for the office of president of the United States, you had me at hello and now you are losing me as you take care of big money, big banks and Wall street bailouts, with no oversight.  All this can be seen as pandering to the ruling class (big bonuses, wasteful spending and an arrogance by the very rich)…  We the middle class soon to be the poverty class have been left behind.  We are in an emergency situation fighting for our survival…  We don’t have the luxury of patients… We need help yesterday and have been ignored while the rich go on with their lives saying that things will end as we know it if we don’t bend over once again.

I am so close to being done with you and your administration; I can taste the food you are feeding us, your hopeful Americans citizens as this food stinks worse and worse as it goes bad, you talk a good game but your execution has been awful.  You have forgotten us, we the people who put you into office!  This is a critical error in judgment… You need to get rid of the crooks Bernanke & Geithner they are giving you disastrous advice.  If you don’t do that, as well as get our stolen money back, i am done with you and your administration.  You might as well stick a fork into me cause i am done.

If you don’t clean house we will in the next election.  I hope every day that you will see the light and do what we hired you to do and make things right for us… WE THE PEOPLE!

IMHO, You need to ask yourself the important question; Would all that I am doing and not doing as President of the United States, make my mother and grandmother proud or would they give me sh*t for not living up the task at hand.  Are you a man or a mouse?  DO THE RIGHT THING FOR YOUR PEOPLE NOT BIG BUSINESS!

in Love Light and Peace,
Om Mani Padme Hum,

Arthur Klein
Yoga Activist & filmmaker Y Yoga Movie
also posted on pursuit of Happiness YOGA blog

Yoga & Meditation Relief in Haiti

Today in my meditation i had an epiphany about equanimity through yoga & meditation, which led to the following vision:

Yoga and meditation integrated into the rebuilding of Haiti.  There is probably no place in the Universe or on our planet that could use these technologies more.  This could be a amazing tool as Haiti finds itself as a nation again and as Haitians find themselves again.

So given this intention i would like to know who out there would be interested in participating in a program to bring yoga to Haiti during the rebuilding process… Please let me know if you would like to get involved in any of the following ways or ways i have yet to imagine.

  1. Actually spend time in Haiti teaching yoga and teaching locals to teach yoga and meditation for after we are gone.
  2. The public relations of this humanitarian yogic initiative
  3. The funding part of this equation of course there will need to be support from our tribe.
  4. Holding this intention with love and light in your hearts.  Sending the energy of success in this intention.

I know in my heart after the physical injury have been treated and the rebuilding has begun Haiti will be the perfect place to embrace yoga and medition. This is an opportunity of Spirit…  Please join me and lets be the change WE can believe in.

Today is the first day i have been proud to be an American in a long time and it feels great.

in love light & peace,

if interested in participating please email me at