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A 99’er Welcomes Suicide

Things are freakin upside down… People are dieing, and know one cares. I care and after you check this out it is my hope that you will care too and we the people will take a stand.

To the unemployed, sick, disabled and poor:

I’m unemployed over two years now, a 99er without any benefits for three months. I followed Unemployed Friends almost from its start, never posted until now, but am grateful for my time with you all. I did as asked with calls and e-mails, etc. I’ve a confession to make to you all. I’m a criminal.

I’ve obeyed the 10 commandments and all laws except: I’m unemployed and that’s now a crime, I’m poor and that’s a crime, I’m worthless surplus population and that’s a crime, I’m a main street American Citizen born and raised in the USA and that’s now a crime, and I’m euthanizing myself as I write this note — so arrest my corpse. This isn’t a call for help, the deed is done, it’s not what I wanted. Death is my best available option. It’s not just that my bank account is $4, that I’ve not eaten in a week, not because hunger pangs are agonizing (I’m a wimp), not because I live in physical and mental anguish, not because the landlady is banging on the door non-stop and I face eviction, not that Congress and President have sent a strong message they no longer help the unemployed. It’s because I’m a law abiding though worthless, long-term unemployed older man who is surplus population. Had I used my college education to rip people off and steal from the elderly, poor, disabled and main street Americans I would be wearing different shoes now — a petty king. Hard work, honesty, loving kindness, charity and mercy, and becoming unemployed and destitute unable to pay your bills are all considered foolishness and high crimes in America now. Whereas stealing and lying and cheating and being greedy to excess and destroying the fabric of America is rewarded and protected — even making such people petty king and petty queens among us.
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Alan Grayson: “President Obama…let these crooks off the hook”
on Dylan Ratigan

Great podcast worth checking out.  Thank you Rep. Grayson and Dylan Ratigan for fighting the good fight.   Rep. Grayson I hope you run again.

Dylan Ratigan Podcast Audio file:
Alan Grayson: “President Obama…let these crooks off the hook”

Dylan Ratigan Blog Article:
Alan Grayson: “President Obama…let these crooks off the hook”

Downdog for K9s… winter yoga & spa for our 4 legged friends website screen grab

I was surfing the net this morning (boy does that phrase feel dated) and i found this article from the .   I know today during my yoga practice I will have these lucky dogs in my minds eye.  I am reprinting or actually linking to the original article… Click on the picture above and Check out this great article and then please comment here…

Gotta love lovers of animals especially our dogs, for their relentless love, enthusiasm and support…So big Prana Yam (not sure of spelling) and Thank you to Splash and Dash K9 Sports, 1900 Sheena Dr., Plum, 412-795-4721, The Dog Stop, 1140 Washington Blvd. Homewood, 412-361-0911, for setting this awesome, beautiful and hysterically funny intention into manifestation.

Please post other unusual yogi and yogini stories human, animal, alien, etc. to this blog.  I love this stuff…  Check this out my friends at Black Dog Yoga, how about some yoga dog classes?

here are some additional resources i found:

A. Klein
Yoga Activist &
filmmaker Y Yoga movie

day 108 from “the 108 blog”

Y Yoga Movie Still director Arthur Klein Reverse Namasté NYC

I didn’t realize that tomorrow is January 08, 2010 or 1/08 until i read this blog post at this cool blog:

The 108 Blog Stories and sightings of the number 108