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Long Live Whistle-Blowers Our Only Hope!

Ex-Swiss Banker Gives Data to WikiLeaks

A former executive with Julius Baer said he had given WikiLeaks details of more than 2,000 individuals and companies that he contends engaged in criminal activity.

And so it begins… the journey back to accountability… the curtain is being drawn back by the few who have an idea of how important transparency is to the survival of the free world and to all of us who believe in democracy…My hope is that more individuals who know dark secrets begin to whistle blow… This will hopefully be the new normal… If you know of anything that should be public and isn’t please consider doing the right thing… IMHO How will history look at those who just keep there mouths shut when they should be standing up for what is good and right?

Also today Chase admits to ripping off military families in their dealings:

Wall Street & Bankers Take No Responsibility
for Current Financial Crisis NY TIMES

This article from the NY Times clearly explains just how much entitlement these criminals feel they have…

I am made as hell and i am not going to take it anymore…”
from the movie network a good representation of the impact of denying what is reality. Check out this article and leave a comment of suggested response from we the people!

Buffy Sainte Marie – No NO Keshagesh

A personal thank you from me to you, Ms. Buffy Sainte Marie; for pouring your heart, spirit and  soul into your new video / track “No NO Keshagesh” from your new album “Running for The Drum”.   And thank you to my facebook friend Christiane Mc Keown for attaching this to  a message on FB.

Happy Holidays to all my family, friends, readers, kindred spirits and fellow soldiers of Love, Light & Peace.  I know in my heart that we are  in fact winning the campaign to save our existence on this awesome, wonderful, nurturing planet.

This is a great time to reflect on who we are and how we gracefully move in our personal view of infinity.  Because at our best we are not the poets we are the poem.

Om Mani Padme Hum,
Yoga Activist & Multi Media Artist